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Coach Karl Robinson


Coach Robinson has a deep passion and love for the game of basketball, but more importantly he gets really excited about passing on knowledge that he has gained and is gaining!


"I love to see growth in people over-all, not just in the area of basketball" -Coach Karl


He has been known for his fundamental approach to the game and work ethic. He is great at analyzing and helping improve players' weaknesses.

Coach K. is a spokesman for the underdog, and his story isn't different from many, but it is inspiring.


"I never played in middle school; never went to basketball camp. I played one year in highschool, my senior year, and was able to play two years Junior College" -Coach Karl 


He is a testament to that old saying that "hardwork pays off"! Playing at the college level, he received "Most Improved Player" his freshman year and his sophomore year "Academic Player of the Year"!


Training with Coach Robinson is intense, informative and challenging. He has a plethora of offensive and defensive drills that translate to the game!








Coach Karl Robinson



Yanesha Hollins earned her Associates degree from East Mississippi Community College in Accounting, (1998-2000).  She has a Bachelor's degree from Belhaven College in Sports Administration, (2000-2003).  She also has a Master's degree in Sports Administration from Belhaven University, (2016-2018).


Yanesha graduated from Louisville High School of Louisville, MS in 1998.  She played basketball, softball, and participated in track and field.  She was nominated most athletic female among her peers.  She received several awards while she attended school there.  From 1995-1998, she received Team Captain, Best Offensive Player, Best Rebound, Best Free Throw Shooter, Leader of Assists, and voted Division District 4-A Basketball player of the year in 1998.  After her high school years, she further he education and athletics at East Mississippi Community College of Scooba, MS from 1998-2000.  There she was nominated Team Captain among her teammates and earned Offensive player of the year (1999-2000).  After receiving her Associates degree and her season came to an end with several recruits on the table.  Yanesha chose to further her education and athletics once again by attending Belhaven College, (2000-2002). While playing Division III basketball with the Lady Blazers, Yanesha was nominated Team Captain among her teammates.  She also, received the Best Offensive player award for two consecutive years. 


Yanesha began her teaching/coach career in 2004-2006 at Galloway Elementary, Jackson, MS.  There she was the Physical Education teacher and Assistant teacher for 2nd graders.  From 2006-2012, Yanesha was blessed with the opportunity to return back to her hometown of Louisville, MS to be a  Health and Physical Education teacher to 7th and 8th graders in the Louisville Municipal School District.   She was also the Head Basketball Coach over the Jr. High and High School girls program.  In her time there she was an assistant softball coach for slow /fast pitch, and Head Track/Field Coach.   Yanesha is currently working for Jackson Public School in the Transportation Department as Data Entry. She is also currently working with the MHSP Bobcats Organization, where  she coaches 7th and 8th grade basketball girls.   


Being involved in sports has helped me excel in my academics.  I became a true student athlete.  Playing sports made me become accountable for my actions.  I knew that I was not only representing my school but my family as well. I learned how to be a team player.  When individuals work together much can be accomplished.  I developed strong leadership skills that has helped be in places I never thought or imagined I could be in.  It helped me to become a more socialable and outgoing person.  By playing sports I have built relationships with individuals that will last for a lifetime.  I am thankful that my parents kept my siblings and myself involved in sports because of it we have become good productive citizens in this society.


Yanesha's desire for working with 3D is to help build a well respected program in the community based on dedication, loyalty, and work ethic.  To be a positive inspiration to the youth by using her gifts in sports to give back and encourage them to strive for what they want in life.


 "All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become.  If you believe it, then you will achieve it!" -author unknown.   

Coach Yanesha Hollins

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